Hormone Replacement Therapy – Result of Anti-Aging Research

There has been a lot of anti-aging research that are conducted since the need to look young and stay young became a loud noise. For this decade, some of the anti-aging breakthroughs include the use of, Wrinkle Injections, antioxidants, and CO2 laser resurfacing. Today, anti-aging research is continuously made just to satisfy the demand of a juvenile look.Do you wonder why anti-aging and beauty products come in various forms? May it be a lotion, a cream or a food supplement; these are all an outcome of an anti-aging research. The most prominent anti-aging advancement brought by research is the use Hormone Replacement Therapy.The pituitary gland is responsible for releasing the various hormones in our body. These hormones play the role that can be similar to anti-aging products. The hormones that are produced by your pituitary gland are sufficient to maintain a normal metabolism. Certain hormones peak at the stage of puberty such as estrogen which is responsible for a woman’s body to shape up. However, hormone levels decrease as you start to age 40. By then, you will begin to notice some physical changes such as menopausal in women, and loss of muscle mass in men. The aging process gradually takes over your youthful glow, but before it peaks, you can slow it down by having a prompt replacement of hormones.Because of this, researchers studied a way to maintain the sufficient level of hormones in the human body. This is through hormone replacement therapy. It was identified that the addition of estrogen in women, and testosterone in men, significantly delays the emergence of symptoms associated with aging. With this anti-aging breakthrough, midlife age can be enjoyed without bothering about the signs and discomforts that accompany it.There are still a lot more of anti-aging procedures that you can choose to. You may prefer an approach that targets the skin through the use of anti-aging creams and lotions, or something that gives more focus on your facial appeal such as botox injection. However, keep in mind that aging does not only refer to the appearance of wrinkles and age spots but also a dramatic weakness of your senses especially vision and hearing. In whatever manner you want to delay aging, it is mostly recommended to consult a professional health expert.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Regime and Products

With increased stress in jobs, environmental pollution, sun and dust exposure and poor diet plans there has been a very negative impact on the delicate facial and body skin. The signs of aging start appearing even before time and almost instantly. At this point, following a proper anti aging skin care regime becomes a necessity to get back that youthful and charming look. Its not only that everyone loves to look beautiful but it also helps to boost inner spirit, develop self confidence and climb the career ladder at a relatively faster pace.Though skin aging can never be avoided but at least the proper care will make it your skin look younger and delay the process of aging. Skin aging is natural and caused when collagen and elastin reduce there activity and production with time. The cell renewal system is slowed down and the skin becomes dry. The prominent symptoms of skin aging is wrinkles, fine line, blemishes, freckles, crow’s feet and skin sagging. Let us see what we can do as a part of anti aging skin care regime.Doing regular exercise, eating healthy food, reducing work loads and stresses, drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily and applying a good quality sunscreen everyday can help much to your drive for anti aging. Eat the fruits and vegetable those are antioxidants in nature, it will help replenish your skin by providing the needed oxidation.To relax the swollen and tired eyes, you can apply a mixture of green tea and rosemary. Also the sliced cucumber or grated potato will provide much relief to your eyes and will work wonders on the swollen eye bags. For facial care try this mask made up of squeezed papaya and avocado mixed with a little of fresh cream. Apply the mask on to your face and it will show definite results after regular usage. One more effective mask can be made easily by mixing mashed strawberries with a little of the crumbled mint.Another main cause of concern is to help the face lift back. This can be done naturally by conducting facial exercises meant for face lifting. There are lips exercises, eyes exercises and cheeks exercises to target the area as closely as possible. To combat anti aging there are countless number of anti aging skin care products available in the market. You need to carefully select the product that works for your type of skin aging problem and is meant for your skin type.These anti aging skin care products can be availed directly from the supermarket or pharmacist or can be bought over the internet and shipped to your doorstep. Look for the product which has been recommended or formulated by professional and licensed dermatologist or skin therapist as there are many fake products available to make easy money. Many herbal products are also available in this line with plants and roots extracts which are known to rejuvenate the skin naturally. Thus carefully select the anti aging skin care product for yourself by doing some online research else it can do more harm than good to your skin.

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